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The Break Room
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  1. Bitch Voice Theater (5-5)


    Thu, 5 May 2016

    What better way to insult a man than in the highest pitched voice possible, in the most degrading way?

    patrick duffy found at 0:38

    Is the thing and a star and Thomas Muller and accompanied by Patrick Duffy all in Houston saint Patrick . I can sit a typical of Britain DO. The U. You know. And. And hope for improvement yeah. Yeah I'm sure yeah
  2. The First Gift Tommy ALMOST Got Duffy


    Thu, 5 May 2016

    Tommy had never thought about getting Duffy a present... until the other day.. but, there may have been selfish motivation behind it.

    andy reid found at 4:39

    not do this. Quoted in an apparatus that spreads it don't like Andy Reid but he can not only that go wrong we're giving away I housing dollars worth of lawn equipment. It's somebody on the
  3. Kimmy's Dad's 'Dadcation' Update


    Thu, 5 May 2016

    We check in with Kimmy's dad and how he's doing on his "Dadcation"..

    les paul found at 6:52

    better not be you know about that before and the fact of Les Paul eventually beat army high value make a living out of earnings nobleman mikes off sorry I mean I think what you see
  4. Baby Gronk Joins the Break Room


    Wed, 4 May 2016

    The Bills signed the youngest of the Gronkowski family following the draft. The Break Room was on a quest to find him a new nickname.

    buffalo bills found at 0:00, 3:13, 4:51

    Buffalo Bills that helped draft Alia even less even in the draft was older than me and we talked to a man who you
    here. But Dennis and closed. More talk this yesterday gronkowski from the Buffalo Bills new fullback going to talk this little addicting you did when you were kid that you will be on four for ever
    my family and agent. And that is in the decision go to Buffalo Bills . Has how much scrapped talk in between you and your brother you do realize you have to hate your brother now right.

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