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  1. Duffy's Daughter Said WHAT?


    Wed, 25 Nov 2015

    They say your kids are a reflection of you. BUT sometimes they pick up sayings and ideas that you don't want them repeating. EVER.

    cartoon network found at 10:10

    around me. So Lisa has some time so. He's Ebert a deal Bugs Bunny . Like Jan racist buddies remember. What that races was an aura of show many EST did you Cartoon Network currently are still racially insensitive cartoon I called my kids watch it might put together at the black characters are so yeah
  2. Why You May Be Having LESS Sex During the Holidays


    Tue, 24 Nov 2015

    political analyst found at 0:21

    area and your bag and gotten beat up all honesty is obvious political analyst and it's see Ellis. Meyer was what is it you know walking around our particular ice block and of these for Nokia
  3. You Could Be Paying A "Bullying Fine"


    Tue, 24 Nov 2015

    If your kid is a douche, you may be paying for it... One state is about to introduce the "bullying fine"

    next generation found at 8:24

    morning bullies tends to worst thing you can make it happen this next generation twenty years from now he's you have. Back to work but it's not gonna work they're gonna try this and it's gonna flop like everything else is nature always wins. And that's how we are as hell were hard wired in or hard wired in to be bullies. To be aggressive ended succeed and I thought so what I mean maybe if you cheat you get it early enough maybe change is who is who's leading in the polls right now for the republic that would be Donald Trump and Donald Trump is acute. He's a bully he calls people names if you take all the money on the table and screw you that's how indicator of Brazilian air okay he didn't give a Brazilian air being nice OK. I tell you get the plane and the model wife the reason why Donald Trump is leading in the polls right now is because he's the last bastion of what. People. 405060. Think like should be right
  4. Break Away EP 6 Jody Gage


    Fri, 20 Nov 2015

    On this week's episode of The Breakaway (@thebreakawayROC) Duffy (@DuffyonWCMF) and Terrible Time Timmy (@WompFump) talk with @Amerks legend Jody Gage, discuss the new All Star Game format and much more!

    andrew peters found at 21:27

    avoid more shootout and I hate to shoot like we talked about Andrew Peters on the show couple days ago you could just get an issue out. Just play overtime period at home the point that

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