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The Break Room
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  1. Baby Gronk Joins the Break Room


    Wed, 4 May 2016

    The Bills signed the youngest of the Gronkowski family following the draft. The Break Room was on a quest to find him a new nickname.

    buffalo bills found at 0:00, 3:13, 4:51

    Buffalo Bills that helped draft Alia even less even in the draft was older than me and we talked to a man who you
    here. But Dennis and closed. More talk this yesterday gronkowski from the Buffalo Bills new fullback going to talk this little addicting you did when you were kid that you will be on four for ever
    my family and agent. And that is in the decision go to Buffalo Bills . Has how much scrapped talk in between you and your brother you do realize you have to hate your brother now right.
  2. Bad Kid Moment You'll Never Live Down


    Tue, 3 May 2016

    Your parents told you not to, but you couldn't help yourself... Now you still have to hear about it as an adult..

    jerry kelly's found at 12:49

    I figure out at echo those about their story shall like all. Jerry Kelly's great Don Shula who. Today the only show by the way the regulation we get to a gym doing it for them.
  3. Taking Advantage of 'Dadcation'


    Tue, 3 May 2016

    It's day one of 'Dadcation' for Kimmy's dad who was left home alone for the week while his wife is one vacation. The Break Room checked in with him to see how he was doing.

    super bowl found at 0:49

    answerable to get to this point it is that this is his Super Bowl . So and we do this day when my wife's Weis kids go lot of talent for a couple of them. We get
  4. The Break Room Talks to Newest Buffalo Bill, Shaq Lawson!


    Fri, 29 Apr 2016

    The Bills first round draft pick of 2016 joined the Break Room to talk about his draft day experience

    buffalo bills' found at 1:57, 2:57, 6:10

    you can't we talk. Us. A small world and set loss in buffalo bills' first round pick you went to military school before he's out of the Clinton writes Jack. East across also went to military school he's happy
    course we surrendered to the to Mr. President. I checked loss in buffalo bills' first round pick last night Shaq. You know what do you know anything about the city of buffalo and I know that you had a feeling buffalo is gonna take you like when you think buffalo what pops in your head first. Incorporated buffalo home or move abroad cities and over Purdue both world just. You know there are recruit great football team and I'm gonna pour over part of their current football team . What's the coalition riverbend. Little over it is. Totally cute in scope and. The only way it was like forty Chicago check.
    today. Literally do introduced and every hour thing it's a shack awesome buffalo bills' first round pick .

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