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  1. Has Bills WR Percy Harvin Ever E-Bay'd Himself?


    Fri, 9 Oct 2015

    Bills wide receiver Percy Harvin joined the Break Room to give us a behind the scenes into what goes on in the locker room

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    as it was one baucus spoke. That's what attracted me. Percy Ivan Buffalo Bills receiver Percy so I got Tommy came in here with me I haven't discussion yesterday about. How a lot of fans and
    stops say words right now. Rabbani about ten boxes. At present government Buffalo Bills wide receiver Percy. Have you ever. And if he gave us you know I have. Yeah similar stuff is where you never tried to name a ninety day to see what you are going for your material stuff right now. Oh I so want oil gained aren't so I looked up Percy looked up some stuff on eBay. I have a look at it in front me. Game warrant for your rookie season Minnesota Vikings autographed Percy harbingers. Percy what do you think their asking for your game more in Minnesota Vikings rookie autographed Jersey. It. School now. At least insipid and. 233 Monica are you ready for this. They want 4000 dollars for
    Not used to the mandatory questioned Percy Hartman former Florida Gators now Buffalo Bills wide receiver you played Tebow how many years of Florida. OK now it's funny K and Tim Tebow be a quarterback any
  2. Tommy Calls Out Amerks Forward Patrick Kaleta on his LEGO collection


    Wed, 7 Oct 2015

    andrew peters found at 7:18

    it really mean appoint yourself now. The voice you hear Patrick Atlanta Buffalo Sabres Rochester Americans the open up Friday night. And Saturday we get the average alone and we can give way ticket to just a sec it's going to be a big night for him it's always land that Torre that huge in this team is good this is eagerly and had not yet his were ready to go only after Collette is on the team it's a great team. You wanted to meet this guy is on the ice again and why isn't always at the meanest guys on the ice are always nice it's like rob right fighter Brad May Andrew Peters fighter guys those guys spend the most time doing charity work in children's hospitals like you said like. Are you that a lot of opposing band teach you and maybe that's it subconsciously try to make
  3. Think Tommy's funny but don't want to feel guilty about it? Try "TommyFlu"


    Tue, 6 Oct 2015

    tom delay side effects found at 1:00

    certified doctor its treatment guilt if you're feeling it pretty chilly and Tom DeLay . Side effects include shortness of bodies gigantic some of the fourth. Not sure why it's excessive yard work feminization of shirts but how are not sensitive air. I love breakthrough but. Is filled guilty laughing at Tommy's and I tried Tommy flute and I feel fantastic yeah side effects are a little weird down last week I told my life I want it to Anaheim promoter of I don't even know what that means. Work side effects include Colorado original. Co host bragging about your song good luck rob cherry tomatoes and excessive insulting and your co workers mothers. Lack of meaningful relationship with any other NB a it's a woman saying you shouldn't Atlanta that timing you play. But I did and it bothered
  4. Jim Kelly Officially Crushes Duffy's Greatest Moment of Childhood


    Tue, 6 Oct 2015

    Bills Legend and Hall Of Famer Jim Kelly joins the break room to put an end to a mystery almost a year in the making

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    had say this guy I was gonna Claudette. All the fame quarterback Buffalo Bills legend everybody's all American Jim Kelly's in the breaker hey Jim yeah. And yeah. Hey Jim Bakker join us this what we appreciated. All right let's get right into you gonna beat the comp your sports luncheon Wednesday October 29 com your Rochester dot org to get tickets. Jim every time the bills draster siding new quarterback. You like to god. They come EO and I asked your opinion they draft J. P. Losman we gotta talk to Jim Kelly the media would be draft Trent Edwards got to talk to Jim Kelly do you feel like your stamp of approval might be too much pressure for these guys committed. That's funny because I've never
    been quite a world like debris but you know out. Jim gala Buffalo Bills quarterback hanging in the break from Jim you watch QBs today folks say they're coddled they're protecting in the NFL they don't
    day early in here to stock gym here's the problem but I Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills football those cornerback hall of Famer he's going to be. Guys across from here Jim Tommy. I'm a die hard bills fan of that TC I think it's my whole life annuities vibe he's like his father was the same way they live in dive for the Buffalo Bills again like you should. And and and and and another a sleaze and tea and they had a hole in their house

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