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  1. Break Away EP 10


    Sat, 6 Feb 2016

    Duffy and Tim catch up again in advance of Saturday's Sabres/Bruins game and talk about Sam Reinhart, the return of McDavid, Sidney Crosby entering the twilight of his career and more!

    chris chelios found at 18:40, 20:31

    you not moved an apple about. The other way you move report Chris Chelios have you hates Chris Chelios the argument there ray Bork. Got traded to Colorado to give him a cup as a guy who just kind of rode
    a way to jam and you got that guys like Wayne Gretzky Chris Chelios the greats of the game. Over the last 3040 years you know like I cannot think of a player that the decade
  2. Bills Legend Darryl Talley Joins the Break Room


    Fri, 5 Feb 2016

    Darryl Talley tells awesome story about his friendship with Rick James back in the day

    buffalo bills found at 1:15, 4:13, 12:41

    look at this Panthers team and I can't help but think. This Carolina Panthers team is a lot like the Super Bowl 25 Buffalo Bills team that you were on you know a lot of young. Crash the guys that are making their first appearance at a
    four titles between DB or facilitating. Did he bring up Darryl Talley Buffalo Bills legend hanging out this in the break room I mean when you play Darrell. The guys that were quarterback in the opposite teams were skinny white guys who really bad haircut you know Ken O'Brien Jeff George Dan Marino . If you were playing today what is it your head when you see a six foot 6280. Pounds a Mac truck coming
    Especially you probably won't because he's sort of mountain. I Darryl Talley Buffalo Bills alleged listened and we really appreciate you coming we love having you icu. If you had to pick did you detect and a score for the weekend there'll. There are at it this mile. Our moral of a war against the agency and I'm with a series and apparently it went. From. What I need. Didn't think 48 year old sentencing. Aren't related Darrell takes the time that we appreciated. RER problem I'm Medicare to Buffalo Bills legend. And what happens at that house that the bush you'll never.
  3. Things You May Have Been Mispronouncing Your Whole Life


    Wed, 3 Feb 2016

    Everyone has that word/phrase you've been saying wrong since you were young, but why has no one called you out on it?

    google tv ads found at 4:53

    you'd just did it. Refuse to Europe Israel Millwood it's not a racial slur in cities always. Looked at second all slain dollar I had this discussion with somebody else so it's it's teachings in Atlanta lakes and slave time no no no it doesn't if you Google TV ads since you've seen a raccoon brown does very well. This is what they had to change this is the politically correct stuff
  4. Punishments Your Parents Used on You, That You Can No Longer Get Away With


    Tue, 2 Feb 2016

    The Break Room

    al sharpton found at 10:27

    they can't not a man he'll have the NAACP. You're gonna have. Al Sharpton that you dory going to be at CNN BET. The U can't touch debt can never use of fear factor now honors

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