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Darryl Talley: HOF'er?

Jan 13, 2014|

Legendary Buffalo Bill, Darryl Talley, tells The Break Room HE WAS TOLD the team threw it's campaigning behind Jim Kelly instead of Talley back in 2002 or else Kelly might not get in at all! Talley thinks he belongs in Canton as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the breaker when Rochester is classic rock 965 WC -- there's Tommy there's Danny I'm Duffy. Hold money -- -- could be football yesterday yes. And we all lost. I'll yes we lost so Austin author if feared just dvds here in my hand Tommy wanted to bet my daughter -- how we were trying to beat my kid yes and and we took one game that we're gonna then -- we -- stellar my three year old daughter pick the winner -- -- and this is the audio from her when she picked on Friday. He's a better quarterback. Colleen camper neck. -- -- -- -- Well the last tool no none of them agree quarterbacks. -- to -- and it still sound do you think. The Panthers. For the 49ers. Are gonna win include king all okay that's okay -- hand there is. Or the 49 her and -- and ran OK but if you had to pick one. The Panthers. For the 49ers. Control. The 49ers. So she -- Frisco -- to -- stored up. Did it bank and we lose which means that -- pay outs later yep yeah I would indicate that the -- -- Give -- audio man -- I was kind of get a little bored watching this Broncos chargers game time but I'm big trouble and so much of the game in minimum in whatever whenever and I might want to keep watching Simon's gonna happen and no one -- hole Jamaica all my goodness charges come roaring back and it comes down to one final play -- in the game to make of the drag keeps going. The first rush for a hundred. Including many yards you just want. The. -- -- -- running for the seventeen. Which means Peyton Manning in his Denver Broncos will be playing Tom Brady in the awful new military managers -- everyone's waiting for it. And the east -- -- Seahawks will be played 82 headed up backwards had to be wary college -- predict -- averaged -- 49ers to decide who makes the big trip. To the meadowlands. Three weeks from. Any and in no real maturity every miserably during the four teams actually are used to bad weather. Temperatures can be in the lone exceptions shouldn't be a stretch for them to play a Super Bowl called. And they're going to Seattle -- easy to Seattle's not selling tickets to people who have mailing addresses in California. Really for the game next week why because they wanna make sure the home field advantage is home to the man. They can trouble for that Governor Cuomo when he was the attorney general there and -- -- giants fans who want to buy tickets to a giants playoff game in Tampa Bay and Tampa refused to sell on to home is somebody on the -- and called Cuomo lot and he called the Buccaneers and senate you refused to sell them. We can come after you and a set and our everything go well there you don't. Might I got a buddy norm who's going to this game -- Seattle he's a huge Seahawks this great yeah it was a specs boxing you're in town and he's been a Seahawks -- is a little kid so I kept on unpaid go to the Super -- way to the goes Super Bowl he has now. Is the better game to go watch is gonna be -- if they get to the championship game it's a better game for me to watch staying going to Super Bowl. Is resistant Super Bowls are huge cluster of the world plus I looked in the tickets is going to be in New York that we can now. Cheapest seat the last row as a Porter 4000 you figure he is gonna cause lawless -- -- -- Seattle for the weekend. C gamer come home -- -- I'm even if you're ready in about and I I gotta agree to them right way more excitement in that stadium then a Super Bowl ads artisan readiness will. On the line right now to break it all down drafted out of the university West Virginia in 1983 when I do play and five Super Bowls as a dangerous piece of defense and included Bruce Smith. Cornelius Bennett. Phil Hanson a Buffalo Bills wall of Famer please welcome into the break room Darryl Talley mister -- I don't this morning. Our guards noticed -- And how much are you were aired. I'd like to rid of everything worked everything we're restricted in the middle belt and they should stay out of that public garbage goals. And don't I don't get lakes and this. The helmet to helmet stuff downplayed the guy can't stop you I don't get that I mean I can understand it's intentional but if you just go all the -- -- -- the guys some analysts and it's a penalty now. Seems ridiculous I mean don't you played it when you're flying in in the air was supposed to put on the brink. There are guys don't play well who are. -- You know I'm just -- Doug -- and what did try it in there. What's -- tennis and right now they're making it better then they're trying to and it shouldn't try to make it better versed. -- all of a concussion also each and every thing is -- all. But really you're realistically are -- These border trying to change it then became distorted one way to not been able are. Hard to get like it would only got. Right concussions if you have your plan. I don't know how many I didn't realize that the British general storage boulder -- So you know everybody you are actually put -- -- most. So we're historic district went dark yeah yeah you just over there at. Go to target -- so do you have any issues now with your help from full blown up. There are lot of patience yeah go audition but government. Coach sometimes a war -- -- jet which more control room for our. Body -- every -- Hero then open -- did you do it. -- all the birds. Article you have they're trying to get my spirits but you know you're in a deadly game so -- going to me this is -- what -- -- People are restrict. All Beers. On other -- it's a kind word -- about a mile an hour. Our average beverage to a Detroit backer that'd be an altar -- big portrait become our low eighty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope so would you let your kids today play. Know what you know. I would I would not. I would dark triple today what is their -- it would -- this we're trying to do it bigger you guys work. I -- it would give -- you're right Joseph people could you know BJ people. -- -- that a making sure I should not eager to have more lower body. -- about it. We're -- it would not have even lost Vijay and what barrel due credit report about art but carnage -- quarterback -- Worried owners aren't you portability well. Cleveland and now we're talking to Darryl -- Question that you bring him the bills are watching the Seahawks gained yesterday and watching Marshawn Lynch run all over the now looking back on when -- -- a fifth round -- they ask for -- -- contact. -- at the time so you know we had all -- -- the -- problems he -- beat them coming had a did -- have to do. What they did begin -- -- locker room because he's becoming a distraction or did they make a huge mistake -- -- ago. I would go to our coach liked it really it took up the -- question papers. -- -- -- Did you mean you should be guard weren't good body of work this big courts so I mean it does -- tremendous border. I don't get better you know at the barbaric. Rick George they're still where it is still dark in -- -- gave them a cushion a bit more. And nine. So I heard a story about you before you back to football really -- I heard after he retired from football. You decided you wanted to own -- McDonald's franchise. And -- Before they would give you a franchise apparently there's a rule within the McDonald's whatever that you have to work at McDonnell aren't they did you -- if you did did you what were McDonald's before -- the franchise. Well I didn't fire trench I don't know upward of -- in addition to initiate direct fortunate barrels in order true our. Large stretch our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what -- like yeah what's it like going from run out of the tunnel and trying to 72000 people on Sundays hitting people everyone loves you longtime. To having a -- behind account are flipping burgers. Probably got me you know I grew up working charge everybody then everybody worked well I encourage. Good you know don't don't win regardless but yeah. And I didn't actually bother me at all a couple of virtually. Yeah are you are my go to that job either oppose a millionaire enemy like you know it's different like -- that's your only option I think he would be miserable and his Casey was that about buying an actual store. So I mean it's a different put itself. There are not really because. If you go to make barrels that are there there are people don't understand it McDonald coach or you. Betrayal which debuted AGU. Oh presidential. All people. Together to be able to give one product. -- restore. But you just weren't in your party strategy. Lot of people were energy worker portion buyers ignored their footnote or in person the other. Oh we Garko struck. Out close. So. Now we're talking -- -- A retarded their daily to -- Omar your good buddy teammate of almost a decade. Andre reed is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame works again. So do you think this is the years ago and this year. I don't shortly and lenders that remote server person would put all. There's ever -- bigger -- -- tremendous bench horse. Making your -- -- very good all of being dark. -- Does it hurt -- coming from a smaller market getting into the hall of fame. Thank you weren't I don't know. There -- -- will get in big about it don't look at it. -- Is going to be the case there. What do -- -- iTunes store extra decade there -- Got more guys think that we -- right there leader John Randall and I don't understand. -- Reporter bacteria -- straight. Don't certainly tell our. That however try our origin in order to do bears made you one more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So argue the national -- search. I think there I think a lot of guys I think. Artery that has their -- or what are very much else because there are particular debate corners but it got -- restaurateur. Men -- derelict let me ask your question there's a rule are that when Kelly was donated 2001 you where you were up there -- Odd that the bills put all their campaign behind Kelly instead of EU because they said it BD given that here he would have never gotten here is that true. There's not a rumor that -- at our level told. Wow wow holy -- told you that. -- -- If you don't mind. Yeah yeah. Well in order I would need to stop. -- -- told me that we're only be only because like hey man. He's got to get in yeah tell me he's not gonna get in at some point in to pull that move legacy is as land shot the guy named Dinah cancer. Well -- little little -- -- I'm going to let it -- you don't you many spotted on yeah. It was an -- -- -- -- Earl Campbell in a wheelchair brigade would mitigate this guy in it's gotten close that's external. Then I say here's the question. Our buddies you're you're -- Or. Yeah this is just I mean obviously got a little -- -- this I mean did you let them know you're Princeton. The powers of being. 100 -- don't -- -- what features nano you can make about it there's something or it could -- or. They just a little disrespectful I think. It was didn't tell people was it before -- after they put you on the wall of fame in buffalo. It is here for the candidate -- particularly a big OEC stacked so high one last question swim -- before let me go before the deal does Darryl Terry. Does Darryl Talley belong in the pro football hall of fame and watch. Why. Good there at number one our numbers dictate. Our armed. Good numbers to speed their. Then what I -- collecting my error. I think god is just much what it was Mike or did it hurt there adult help or get them where they work. And. Yeah you got the same stats don't do stupid. I mean if you get the same stats it has and -- -- duty. I understand them but wouldn't you also started going what -- shared spirit. It was because I didn't make that many local oh OK short but if you'll look back below our target -- years -- that car. The issue -- -- target I also want back. -- -- and a lot of guys don't know at Drury true. And score and there -- certain Derek you're at war corners corners read more. So I think. I've always had this little theory about about the bills and the Super Bowl run of those four years that I don't think that the NFL is happy. Have in the bills there for four years only because it was a small market talent and and I think they whole idea I Nate and I think they kind of pass on the bills a little bit. Because they took a slower they probably wanted to you know a big market town and there instead of haven't buffalo. -- they knew there'd be no way to beat Montana Marino Marino a budget -- -- yeah I understand that death. And I think that hurts guys get and I think personally that hurt your chances again in an all time because of the buffalo. I mean let's face above those of the joke around the country when you're talking jokes you know that's consulate there. But you know work. I can do good in terms mean it is and is there orders. Did it is shorter route you're rewarded early right no lessons were -- Rwanda were -- There are transmitted to a Soriano -- I don't. I got to pay a bit better then -- so when somebody else go to -- just sort of we're more let's look at it got out of their extend these people. That's what we -- Richard Marshall. Buffalo Bills -- somebody ball -- -- -- -- -- -- Then again I should have for suitable they don't Buffalo Bills flawless -- did you know I love Daryl tell us a much imitated here's the ball is buffalo bill and overseeing what does that. There's a picture I'd say it's a FaceBook -- and risk. Of him and I dare when I was four years old this is like 1990. Write her a little tiny guy it's. Back behind you you -- -- those basketball barnstorming tours. Yet so I would go see you guys play that was in line users are more debt but you were you aware and a -- he'll win his suit. Which they homey. Yeah yeah I. I I asked Daryl thank you for getting up early spent time -- and we really appreciate it. I Darryl Talley to take you back there is now the station gave Darryl Talley. -- jet ski. What we yeah he was most repay disease or call the station all the time. As a regular thing look -- and one of the deals was in the contract was that he was supposed to get a jet -- -- so season's over he's back and he's he's in home and Orchard Park somewhere. And he's going -- by jet ski. We're egregious case of Billy Moran it was a promotion director at the time had to go on topic was sport marine someplace. Get a jet ski. They loaded into the Rocco did it to the C amend the band and we had an end he drives it to -- tallies house. Because hey -- gadget jet ski -- violent -- Where is at the palace in a trailer. Bono is just. Sell him to -- on some other dude had to pick up the jet ski and while I we could even give them a way to get it around oh. Well. I let me ask that if -- there putted well a -- That is a great story brother -- has about ten jet skis all with their own private docking station out and so his point the guy that was supposed to get one. Preferring -- to -- to -- it was part of his payment yeah no no no drilling off my goodness hand.